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Painted Elephant Gourd

There is a fable that the elephant used to have a short bulgy nose, instead of their iconic long trunks. One day, an elephant had a child, and the baby elephant was very curious about all the animals and why everything worked. He continued to ask questions such as- “What does the crocodile eat for dinner?” and he was told to go to a river full of them to find out. The baby elephant went to this greasy river, and a crocodile urged him to come closer. Then the crocodile caught his nose in his teeth, and the baby elephant began trying to pull his nose free. His nose began to stretch, and became a trunk. From then on, the elephants that came after him also had much more useful, long trunks.
$30.00 $16.80

Painted Maasai Gourd

The Maasai tribe are an ethnic group of indigenous Africans settled in Kenya and Northern Tanzania. They are one of the very few current tribes that still honor and retain their customs and traditions, lifestyle as well of course. This vibrant and colorful decorative gourd is painted elegantly with a blend of cool colors at the base, disappearing into a mix of warmer colors as it descends. The eye-catcher of the painting however, is the tribe of Maasai people on top of the colors, all around the gourd. Great gift for those who love learning about other ethnic groups, can also be a great gift for house decor and housewarming.
$20.00 $19.60
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