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Chinese Design Dish Sets Decoration

Vases are something that is admired and adored by all genders and the very love knows no cultural bounds as well. Whether you live in West or East, North or South, Vases are always cherished. These decoration pieces add to the beauty and aesthetics of the house. You can adorn your dining table, your kitchen, any special corner in the house, shelves, office tables and whatnot.
$56.00 $51.91

Black Abstract Sitting Female In Deep Thought

This decoration item consists of a single African female in a sitting position oozing grace, splendor, and hard work at the same time. This female handcrafted sculpture is more like dedication and inspiration of the hard work African women endure and the beauty and grace they command. This decoration gift item is perfect to gift to your female friends and loved ones to celebrate their efforts and to let them know that you adore them and their hard work.
$75.00 $73.13

Wrought Iron Goblet Hanger and Wine Holder

Wine Holders along with a glass hanger just the perfect gift for your near and dears. The glass hanger is not only a unique gift, but it is something that is always needed in any household. You can choose this beautiful wine rack gift to give to your friends on their birthdays, and even at their housewarming events. This particular wine holder gift looks splendid with the wrought iron finish giving it a classic feel with a Wine Holder at the bottom. The entire stand looks stunning with delicate details and fine craftsmanship. You can hang four goblets on this stand and one wine bottle at the bottom. The stand is a perfect tabletop and can be decorated on your center table, or your drinking nook.
$6.00 $3.00

Ceramic Big Hippo Mouth Key holder

Entrance Key holders are something that is always needed. Even if someone has one, changing it would bring a good change. So, gift this beautiful ceramic big fat hippo mouth accent to your friends and other loved ones on their celebrations.
$6.00 $3.00

Vintage Ebony wood African Female Warrior Head Bust

This sculpture gift is a win-win for those who love to appreciate art and culture. The above Vintage Ebony wood sculpture is the manifestation of African female warrior. Her hair is neatly tied just like the ancient times with giant earring hanging down from her ears. The hair of this African warrior head bust is a reflection of those ancient times and culture.
$30.00 $29.40

Modern Ceramic Home and Office Décor Accent

Choosing a gift always requires a lot of thinking and ideas. Choosing the right modern art gift is never as easy as it looks. But worry not! We have a great gift item that will relieve your tension at once. Modern accents are always welcome because they never go out of fashion. This modern ceramic home and office décor accent appears stunning with the dark sleek curvy sculpture and a golden ball in the middle. The combination itself looks ravishing and will be loved by your friends and loved ones.
$6.00 $3.00

Ancient Tribal Leaders Male and Female Sculpture

An antique-looking artistic ancient sculpture masterpiece for art lovers. This sculpture is an IT gift for those who admire the tribal history and ancient traditions. The figurine consists of male and female figures who appear to be tribal leaders of their clan. The ancient art sculpture is no less than a splendid piece of art because it gives the feel of leaders through their expressions, their body language, and the way they both sit.
$20.00 $19.60

Chelsea FC Handmade Wall Clock

It’s time to hang with the BLUES. Whether it’s on the field or off it, show off your support for your favorite men from Stanford Bridge with this Chelsea Soccer Clock. Celebrating grand victories including, 2 European Cups, 2 UEFA Europa League Titles, 7 FA Cups, 5 Premiership Titles, and a record of 4 Community Shield. The clock is handmade using rare brown wood in the East African nation of Kenya by world-class artisans.
$30.00 $29.10

Brown Kneeling Abstract Female

This Brown Kneeling Abstract Female carving was carved by an artist from southeastern Tanzania, East Africa people from southeastern Tanzania, and Mozambique, East Africa. They are known for their ancient tradition of creating unique carvings dating back to the 1700s. As a result, Makonde art has become an essential part of contemporary African Art. One of the most famous types of Makonde Sculpture is the "Ujamaa" Family Tree of Life.
$66.00 $60.72

Manchester City Soccer Clock

It’s time to hang with the Citizens. Whether it’s on the field or off it, show off your support for your favorite men from Etihad with this Manchester City Soccer Clock. Celebrating grand victories including, 5 League titles, 2 FA Cups, 6 League Cups, and a record of 3 Community Shield. The clock is handmade using rare brown wood in the East African nation of Kenya by world-class artisans.
$58.00 $52.78
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